TEKTURNA HCT – How To Lower Blood Pressure


TEKTURNA HCT lowers blood pressure with two different components

Most adults do not reach their blood pressure goal with one medication. In fact, more than half of all adults with high blood pressure need to take a combination of prescription medications to reach their goal. TEKTURNA HCT offers two FDA-approved prescription medicines—aliskiren (TEKTURNA), a direct renin inhibitor (DRI), and hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic (water pill)—in one tablet.

1. Here’s how the TEKTURNA component works:

Renin is an enzyme that can start a process that narrows blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure. TEKTURNA inhibits renin, which helps:

  • Blood vessels relax
  • Blood flow more freely to lower blood pressure

2. Here’s how the hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) component works:

  • HCTZ is a diuretic, also called a water pill
  • HCTZ causes sodium and water to move out of the body (through urination)
  • HCTZ reduces blood volume, which can help lower blood pressure

In a medical study, TEKTURNA was combined with HCTZ, a diuretic, also called a water pill. People who took the combination of TEKTURNA and HCTZ, achieved greater reduction in their blood pressure than those taking TEKTURNA or HCTZ alone. TEKTURNA HCT combines these two components in a single once-daily tablet.

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